International Industrial Photographers Association - Industrial Photography

PhotoIndustrial - Brazil

We make photos for industry, advertising, corporate, annual report, agriculture, executive portrait and aerial photos.
Our studio work for a long time with industries and advertising agencies in Brazil.
We photograph, retouch and correct our photos for pre press and graphic arts printing, digital posters/banners.
Control our photo jobs from the color separator corrections to the offset printer house.
Are experts with "difficult photos" in studio or location. Can work in any place and with any conditions. Always in time.

Have been an associated to this organization in the beginning.

Fernando Bergamaschi
Lindolfo Collor, 110
92500-000 South America

T +55 51 4011499
T +55 21 22330824
M +55 51 9868787
F +55 51 32680041