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Harald Finster - Germany

I have been fascinated by old industrial installations since my early childhood.
One day, I noticed, that the industrial world started to change rapidly and was in danger to disappear.
I started photographic documentation.

The result of this work is a still growing archive of partly historic photographs.

Although my intention exceeds 'pure' documentation, my design always focuses on the photographed object.

I created extensive documentations about the 'rust belt' and anthracite mines in Pennsylvania (1992), the Krupp coke works in Rheinhausen (2001), the Tertre coke works (2002) and the Beringen colliery (2003), to name just a few examples.

My strong background on industrial history and historic technologies allows the creation of images, which are different from photographs taken from a pure asthetical perspective.

Technically, I use to work with analog medium and large format cameras.

StahlArt industrial photography and history
Seffenter Weg 29
52074 Aachen

T +49 241 84075