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33photo - Mexico

What is 33? More than a street number its a couple of photographers that decided to work together, generating different and innovative ideas in the visual area. But who are 33? Well its Martin L. Vargas and Daniel Palma that for more than five years have been submerged in photography. The trajectory of this team has been diverse in the sense that they've worked with many different clients, magazines, design agencies, ad agencies and corporate clients; all of them with a unique vision and idea on photography and the message that it must convey.
Since 1998 a collaboration started with Liaison International Corporate Assignments, part of the famed Liaison Photo Agency. In this way they belong to a select group of photographers all over the world that works with international corporations, whether they are selling shares to investors or products to customers, motivating employees or making media presentations, Liaison corporate photographers will produce striking visuals - Power tools that meet challenging objectives.

Mexico City